Start Simple, but Just Start

“The expert at anything was once a beginner.” This quote by Helen Hayes ought to calm our fears of inadequacy, not being good enough to do a task because we can never measure up to the experts. That is how I have been feeling about blogging. I have tried my hand at it before, but it is always shortlived. Now I read blogs from fellow educational technology instructors and listen to podcasts. Wow, it is even more of a daunting task than I first realized. These leaders provide so much insight into the educational technology world. How could I offer anything more? Why would anyone want to listen to what I have to say? I’m not nearly as experienced or qualified. But they, too, were once beginners in this field.

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The name comes from a quote from someone who played a pivotal role in my journey, Maureen Suhendra. When I was teaching in Idaho, my school was selected to be a part of a grant from the Albertson’s Foundation in conjunction with Khan Academy. We were given funds to put devices in our classrooms, and we received professional development on Khan Academy’s philosophy. Maureen’s speeches always centered around the words “start simple, but just start.” Her desire was for teachers to just give it a try. It didn’t have to be an elaborate, well-developed plan. If that were the expectation, many people would have failed. However, if just starting was going to be enough, anyone could do it. And you know what? Many did, including me.

I think that can sometimes be the difficulty with technology integration. Teachers tend to think that it has to be some elaborate, mind-changing experience every day. “I don’t have time for that!” Although we do want to journey towards reshaping the education experience, it doesn’t just come in a day. Or a week. Or sometimes even a year. But what if you just tried one small thing, just one simple thing? What if you found success in the baby steps? Would you continue on that journey? My hope in this blog is to provide you with resources to take that first step. And you know what? I’m taking those steps right along with you on my journey!

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