Episode 01 – David Bothof – Using Google Slides to Create a Digital Textbook

In episode 1 of the Just Start Tech podcast, I introduce you to the SAMR model and provide some examples of what this might look like.

I also share an interview with David Bothof, a 7th grade Bible and Spanish teacher at Central Valley Christian School. David shares with us a technology project he is working on with his students in Bible using Google Slides.

Finally, for jump starters, I share an idea from Matt Miller at DitchThatTextbook.com using Google Drawings, an image, and text bubbles. I also share how we might go deeper with vocabulary using the Frayer model.

Show Notes

Pedagogy – SAMR Model

SAMR Model diagram

SAMR Lesson Ideas for High School

SAMR Video Examples Elementary

10 Ways to Reach the SAMR Redefinition Level

Teacher Feature – David Bothof

Student examples

Jump Starters

Matt Miller Caption This!

Frayer Model Template