Five Ways to Give Feedback in Google Docs

Teaching writing can certainly take its toll on a teacher. When you sit down to grade that stack of essays, it can seem like you are torturing yourself! Hopefully buried within that stack are gems of pure joy where you can say, “Yes! This is amazing!” However, we all know that it takes time to get there.

Giving students feedback on their written work is an important aspect of helping them grow as writers. However, the traditional method has been: students turn in the written draft, you write all over it making marks that the student doesn’t understand and hoping that they can read your squished writing, returning it to the student, and getting a new copy with very few modifications. However, with Google Docs, the feedback process is completely changed!

By using Google Docs, you as a teacher can give feedback during the writing process, making it more likely that the student will apply the feedback. However, there are a variety of ways to do that. Check out the following video for five different ways to provide feedback through Google Docs.

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  1. Allison Williams said:

    Thank you a lot! I personally think that Google Docs is one of the best things for studying and work and I regret we didn’t have it while I was at the university.

    May 10, 2018

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